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Jamie Steffens

Your financial situation is unique, as should be your financial strategies. I will work with you to develop strategies for your unique goals, habits, and interests. I also specialize in working with neurodiverent individuals and understand many traditional finance strategies are not designed for different types of minds.

In December 2012 I had recently been laid off and had a bank account balance of zero, credit card debt, and student loans. I was rolling coins to buy groceries and hoped that new job came through before my rent and car payment were due again. Thankfully it did, and I decided I would never let myself be in a situation like that again. I didn't grow up with a lot of money and I had never been taught about finances, so I took it upon myself to learn how to be an expert at my own finances. Years later I have financial freedom I never could have imagined and decided I would share that passion with others. It took me years to learn what I know, but my goal is to teach you tools that can start making a positive impact right away.

Where did the name come from:

I have a degree in chemistry and Proton is my cat's name. She is my reminder to stay positive, and I felt that energy was important to bring to financial coaching. I also want to be able to say all the corny things like, "I want to make a positive difference in your life" and "Think like a Proton, always positive", because what is life without whimsy.


How it works:

The first step is to book a free 15 minute consultation to determine if I can help you with your personal finance goals. You can also send me a message with any questions if you aren't ready to book an appointment. If you determine we are a good fit, we will schedule a 90 minute discovery session where we will go over your goals, current financial situation, and develop a plan to accomplish those goals. Prior to our session, I will review your unique situation (from the form you will fill out a minimum 48 hours in advance) to ensure I come prepared. You will receive a follow up email after the session with homework to be completed and a roadmap that details what future sessions look like and how you can reach your goals.

My goal is for you to have knowledge and actionable items from our first session . However, to truly make habit changes, it will take time, and that amount of time will be unique for each person. I will be available for as much or as little support as you decide.

Topics I can cover:

Budgeting, money management strategies, habit change, credit scores, debt and savings goals, accountability coaching, the importance of emergency and sinking funds and how to maintain, understanding your company benefits, and more.

My Price

  • Single Sessions
  • Free 15 Minute Consultation
  • Initial Discovery Session 90 Minutes $200*
  • Single 60 Minute Session $100 (no email or separate coaching support included)
  • *A Discovery Session is required for all new clients to ensure I have complete understanding of your financial situation
  • Monthly Packages
  • 1 Monthly Session $150/month
  • 2 Monthly Sessions $200/month
  • Weekly Sessions $400/month
  • Unlimited Support $900/month
  • All Include Coaching and Unlimited Email Support and may be canceled or changed at any time



I felt very comfortable with how Jamie explained things. This was literally the first time someone spoke to me about financial topics like credit and budgets in a clear and concise way. Normally, I would feel a bit anxious and awkward (due to my lack of experience and comprehension of the subject), but I never felt uncomfortable or confused during our call. Everything Jamie spoke about, she explained in a way that I could easily understand, which I think helped me feel at ease despite having so little experience. At the start of our call, Jamie outlined what we'd discuss and what to expect: first, we'd go over my current financial situation, she'd answer any questions I had at that time, and afterward, she would review her notes and give me homework and a road map for moving forward to begin accomplishing those goals. That was another thing that made me feel relaxed, because I knew exactly what to expect during the meeting. I really liked the homework and plan that I was given. I think that was a great thing to receive after our first meeting, because it immediately felt like a plan was formulated quickly about how to accomplish the goals I have. I genuinely enjoyed our call; it's one of the few experiences I've had that made me excited to learn more about finances. It felt like I was talking to a knowledgeable friend who wanted to help me get better at something.

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